The Mystery of Morrison's Many Deaths

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The details of what actually happened on July 3, 1971, the night of Morrison, death, are not exceptionally clear...

The details of what actually happened on July 3, 1971, the night of Morrison, death, are not exceptionally clear.

 The Mystery of Morrison's Many Deaths

What is known is that Pamela Courson, Jim Morrison, girlfriend, found him dead in the bathtub of their Parisian apartment. A lot of fans find it astonishing that Jim Morrison was laid out on his Paris bed for three days until he was buried, while it was in fact a French tradition of lying out the deceased in their own beds for viewings prior to burial. It was a tradition that was still practiced till as late as the 1970.

Morrison, age 27, the lack of an autopsy, and the fact that his passing was not announced until four days after his death sparked a flurry of alternate theories about what “really” happened to The Doors front man.

One theory is that Morrison did not die July 3, 1971. Instead, some believe that he faked his death. This theory was perpetuated by a 2009 interview conducted by with Gerald Pitts. He claimed:  “Jim, when he pulled this off, he took drugs to make himself look dead. He was in a coma and woke up six weeks later”.  Pitts further claimed that Morrison was living on a ranch, raising horses and working as an actor with Pitts as his agent.

Another theory is that Morrison did not die of natural causes, but rather supernatural causes. Believers of this theory contend that Morrison was murdered by Patricia Kennealy through the use of witchcraft. Kennealy was the short-term wife of Jim Morrison as well as a Witch Coven High Priestess. The two were married in a Celtic itch hand-fasting ceremony where they were both cut and drank each other, blood.

It was the untraditional ceremony and Kennealy, pagan believes that sparked the rumor that she used some sort of witchcraft to kill Morrison. It was theorized that Kennealy killed Morrison because of his relationship with Courson. Kennealy contends that Courson is the actual Morrison murderer. No conclusive proof regarding either the supernatural death or the alleged murdering has yet been found.

Yet another theory about Morrison, death was outlined in the 2007 book The End: Jim Morrison. The French book, written by Sam Bernett, states that Morrison actually died in the bathroom stall of the Rock and Roll Circus nightclub. The allegations were being taken so seriously that they were being examined by the French authorities and might have lead to the investigation into Morrison's death being reopened.

In 2014 however, singer Marianne Faithfull said that Jean de Breteuil had sold him heroin. She said the drugs were 'too strong' and may have led to an overdose. De Bruteuil himself died of an overdose later the same year in Morocco.

It seems like Morrison's death might finally have been solved, but his fans still haven't got much closure. All that is known is that a great artist was lost much too early.

 The Mystery of Morrison's Many Deaths
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