Shipping and Returns




1.1          Where We Deliver

All over the nation! Our fans from each and every corner of the country enjoy fast and hassle-free delivery, with possible occasional exceptions being PO Boxes or Military Addresses.


1.2          Shipping Charges

Unfortunately, shipping is not free. Because our products are mostly fragile and expensive to safely transport, we have not yet managed to make delivery free of charge. The charges depend on how big and how fragile an item is, so it varies. The shipping costs associated with your order will be clearly mentioned in the final billing page during check-out.


1.2.1          The OCTORI Duty

Because we are based on Gurgaon, ordering from Gurgaon is both cheaper and faster. However, if you are outside Gurgaon, the government of your state might charge you an OCTORI duty (a percentage of the cost of your item)

·         It is beyond our control to prevent the OCTORI duty being charged to you, and you are responsible for its payment

·         It is difficult to tell whether your shipment will be charged an OCTORI duty, or what the amount of the duty might be

·         If you purchase our product, it is entirely your responsibility to pay the OCTORI duty, and we may not be able to refund either the product or the delivery cost if you refuse to pay the duty to the government.


1.3          Shipping Time

For orders within the state, we typically take between 1 and 3 days to deliver your product. If, however, you are out of state, the shipping time is less predictable and might take anywhere from 5 to 7 days. Additionally, if your address is of a rural or remote part of the nation where courier service is less frequent, it might take us an extra day or more to deliver your product.


1.3.1           If You Hate Waiting…

  1. Place your orders before 1 PM. Then we can ship your order on the same day, and it’ll reach you faster!
  2. Avoid Saturday afternoons and Sundays, and holidays – our staff cannot ship your order until the next working day if our courier service is having its day off!
  3. Need some gear for the festive season? Order with time at hand! Although this rarely happens, during very busy parts of the year, shipping is delayed due to sheer volume, and we really hate to keep you waiting.


1.4          After Your Order

  1. We will send you an email with the tracking information of the package after it is shipped
  2. You can email us at {store_email} if you want to get in touch with us, and we’ll as usual be willing to help!
  3. If we are unable to deliver your order to your because of a mistake or fault at your end, such as incorrect or incomplete shipping information (Name, Address etc.) or your unavailability at the time of delivery, we might have to spend extra money to handle your order until you receive it. In such a situation, you will be liable to account for the extra expenditure.




2.1          Customs, Duties, and Taxes

If the shipment bears your name, you will be responsible for importing the product following the laws and regulations of the country of import. This may involve abiding by certain restrictions, and more commonly, the payment of extra fees.

2.1.1          Additional Expenses

Usually, your country will charge you an import tax and possibly also a custom duty and fee levied by your government. Whether an order requires additional customs duties, as well as amount of the fee varies routinely and widely from nation to nation, and Outontrip has no control over this.  We are, however, willing to help you through the process

2.2          Shipping Procedure

Here’s what to expect after you place an order:

  1. When you place your order with Outontrip, you (the importer) agree to allow us to appoint a third-party courier company for each item of your order and/or a freight forwarder to act on behalf of you in dealing with the customs and tax authorities in the destination country who will clear your shipment after processing and paying any import duties.


  1. Immediately after the product reaches your port (you can use our tracker to confirm this), you’ll be contacted by the responsible courier service or by a third-party competent authority asking for the customs duty to be cleared before you can claim your product.


  1. The duty has to be borne by you and is non-reimbursable by Outontrip. The courier service might also collect the duty from you in advance, so be around to pay it, because…
  2. A delay in paying the import taxes, the customs duty, or relevant fees might lead to further delays in delivery of your product, and Outontrip shall not be responsible for such delays.

2.3          Privacy

While Outontrip leaves no stone unturned to ensure the utmost privacy of your orders, international shipments are still subject to opening and inspection by customs and relevant postal authorities. We have no control over international postage procedures and our customers, just as us, have to abide by them.

Moreover, we may be required to provide information relevant to your product (that may or may not be traced back to you) to our international carriers, who might, in turn, convey them to customs in accordance with the local legal system. Take-home message: Make sure you aren’t breaking any laws!

2.4          Limitations of International Shipping

While most of our products are perfectly crafted for use in India, international use might be subject to adaptability issues varying by product. Before ordering, consider the following potential problems:

  1. Any instruction manuals and safety warnings may be in a language that is not well-spoken in the country of import
  2. The established utility standards of the destination country may be different (including specifications, labelling requirements, output voltage etc.)
  3. Importing our products into your country may be subject to legal obstacles: while shopping with us, the customer alone is responsible for abiding by the laws and regulations of the destination country
  4. Manufacturer warranty and servicing options may not hold in the destination country




Our cancellation policy is flexible to your need and goes to great lengths to ensure you complete satisfaction.


3.1          Cancellation Procedure

To cancel an order, simply send us an email quoting your order number on {enter_email}. Our customer care representatives will look into the matter at the soonest and inform you once the order has been confirmed!


3.2          Cancellation Timeline


Cancellation Policy

Up to 6 hours of placement of order


Cancellation is free and quick. You do not have to pay any charge except for the 4% charge levied by the bank for transaction.

After 6 hours of order placement

At this point, we can only cancel your order if it has not been shipped yet. Hence, before initiating the cancellation process, take a look at your order history and ensure that the status of your order is shown as “pending”.


As such, we discourage cancelling orders at such short notice.


After Shipment

If we receive cancellation requests after the product has been shipped, we are, as of now, unable to cancel it. In such a situation, the following apply:


  1. It will be exclusively up to Outontrip to determine if an attempt to cancel the order should be made
  2. By shopping with us, you agree to not dispute the decision made by Outontrip regarding the cancellation.



3.3          Cancellation of Order by Outontrip

This rarely happens, but we do on occasion cancel orders placed with us by our clients. This is usually because of a fault at our end, such as an incorrectly priced product or an error in stock listing. If you are someone who has had to face a cancellation from us, we earnestly apologise for the issue. If you’ve already made a payment, rest assured that 100% of it will be refunded to you.



We try our best to ensure that our products reach you in an impeccable condition. However, we deal with a large number of orders, and occasionally, things do go wrong. We routinely accept return and replacement requests from our customers as long as it is evident that the damage is at our end. Note, however, that we do not entertain return and replacement requests for items damaged because of mishandling by our clients.


4.1          Acceptable/Unacceptable Circumstances for Return and Replacement

Acceptable Conditions (including but not limited to)


  1. Item hasn’t been opened and/or used
  2. Item is not perishable and/or custom-made for you
  3. The Return/Replacement request sent to us within the specified timeframe
  4. Item is Returned in the condition in which it was received


Acceptable Reasons (including but not limited to)


  1. Items damaged in transit
  2. Items with a manufacturing defect
  3. Wrong item delivered to you


Unacceptable Conditions (Including but not limited to)


  1. Item returned in used condition
  2. Item opened or otherwise removed from its original packaging
  3. Return/Replacement request not initiated within the specified timeframe
  4. Perishable item or item custom-made for returnee.


4.2          Replacement And Return Time Frame

7 days after item received by the customer


4.3          Return/Replacement Procedure

  1. E-mail us why you want to return the product along with your order number. Our staff will look into the matter and confirm that a return/replacement is warranted.
  2. Only when you have our return confirmation email should you proceed to send the item back to us. We will not be responsible unsolicited returns of our products.
  3. If a replacement is involved, we and our logistics partner will arrange for it once we have received the returned item. You will not be asked to pay extra shipping charges for the delivery of replacements.
  4. Our logistics partner will try three times to deliver the replacement item to you. If, however, you are unavailable to receive the item even after said three attempts, you will be charged for the order and no further deliver attempts will be made.




5.1          Returns Policy

Returns from an international location are subject to the following policies:

  1. Items must be returned in unused, re-sealable condition with complete original packaging.
  2. At present, Outontrip only accepts returns requests for up to 15 days after the delivery of the products.
  3. Outontrip does not entertain returns or replacements on items damaged due to mishalding by the customer. Please refer to section 4.1 of this document for further elaboration.
  4. Payment of any fees pertaining to cross-border shipment of the product, including customs and import duties, brokerage fees, or taxes, shall be borne entirely by the customer.
  5. Outontrip shall be liable to refund the purchase value of the returned products to the customer, however, if we have to pay any import duties or taxes while the product is being returned, we might charge you for the same.


5.2          Items Damaged in Shipping

If an item that Outontrip shipped over to you arrives in a damaged condition, do not panic. All our shipments are insured against in-transit damages. In such a situation, hold on to the package, along with all the original packaging, and call us on +91 11 27762529 and email us at to report the damage. Our staff will initiate insurance claim proceedings on your behalf and have the applicable amount forwarded to you (note that the original insurance cost at the time of order is not refundable!)

5.3          Return Procedure

  1. Realise that upon returning the shipment back to us, you qualify as the exporter of the product from your country. Different countries have different export duties that may or may not apply to the return, and it is exclusively your responsibility to ensure that you abide by the laws of your land in doing so. Once the shipment reaches us, we will take up all responsibility for the title and risk of loss.


  1. We strongly recommend that you use a courier service that is insured and trackable, because we cannot process your returns/replacement if the product is damaged. However, also note that we do not reimburse insurance or courier costs either.


  1. While shipping the product, remember to conspicuously label the product “RETURNED GOODS”. This will prevent customs from opening your package and reduce potential for delays


6           REFUNDS

6.1          Our Refund Policy

  1. If we confirmed an order but were unable to ship the product on time, 100% of the order cost will be refunded to a customer who demands it
  2. If our vendor is unavailable to ship the product or the product to be shipped is not available, 100% of the order cost will be refunded
  3. If a product was couriered and the delivery address is outside the access area of the courier service, 100% refund will be made


6.1.1          Refunds on Returned Products

We will try as far as possible to ensure that a replacement for a returned product is provided. In the vent that a replacement is unavailable, we will also offer the best suitable alternatives that are available to us. However, should a customer not approve of these alternatives and prefer their money back instead, their choice on the matter will be final. In such situations,

  1. We refund 90% of the order cost in case a customer refuses suitable and available replacements for returned items
  2. We refund 90% of the order cost or express orders, where the delivery is outside of the service area


6.2          International Refunds

Refunds for goods returned under our policy are made to the credit, debit, or charge card or wire transfer to account used originally charges or paid for order. Please allow 2 weeks from the time we receive the returned goods.

An email notification will be sent once the return has been processed.