OutonTrip Ebony Wood Chillum Meri Joanna Leaf
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Sale OutonTrip Ebony Wood Chillum Meri Joanna Leaf

OutonTrip Ebony Wood Chillum Meri Joanna Leaf

Brand: OutonTrip
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Wood carved ebony chillum\nThe Chillum is a kind of narrow funnel made of clay and other materials. The funnel can only be used for smoking when it has a filter stone inside it or the smoking substance will fall right into your mouth. To avoid burning your hands the Chillum is being smoked through a cloth.\nOriginally the Chillum was made from fired clay but they also exist in wood, stone and glass. Chillum's believed to be originated from India. The Chillum is special as its origin is purely spiritual. The holy men from India, the Sadhu (Hindu Priests), have been smoking their Chillums for thousands of years. Smoking a Chillum for a Sadhu is like drinking red wine for a catholic priest. In the sixties the Chillum started being used in Europe and America by the Hippie movement.

Color Black
Size 6 inches

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