Juicy Jays Blunts ORANGE CIGAR ROLLING PAPER (2 pieces per pack)
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Sale Juicy Jays Blunts ORANGE CIGAR ROLLING PAPER (2 pieces per pack)

Juicy Jays Blunts ORANGE CIGAR ROLLING PAPER (2 pieces per pack)

Brand: JUICY
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As Juicy Jay Continues to evolve the more, it gets juicier and with these juicy, tangy Orange flavor blunts, you will keep licking your fingers and lips all day. JUICY BLUNT ROLLS ORANGE is made of high-quality paper and with two blunts in each pack this will delay the licking a little bit longer. JUICY BLUNT ROLLS ORANGE has an excellent taste that is as powerful as the sunshine and also with distinctive flavor making it hard to resist. Juicy Blunt rolls are affordable at the very least, and they will be totally worth it. Once you have smoked the well crafted Juicy blunt the only way to quench your craving is by getting more. The best true way to smoke is the use of JUICY BLUNT ROLLS ORANGE. Juicy Blunts products have been documented as the best products in the smoking world, and they do not disappoint here. Juicy blunt rolls are the tastiest piece of smoking products currently on the market. The use of a secret Triple Dip Flavor system makes some appetizing blunts. You get to pick the size, flavor and to top all that you roll it for yourself; you can't possibly ask for something better. They even had each flavored blunt come with a good glue strip to make it easy when rolling. The Juicy Blunts come in a special packaging to ensure they stay moist so as to retain their flavor, and they are also easy to roll. With each pack containing two blunts, you will get to relive your experience once again. With a lot of flavors to choose from, the style you want to smoke is totally up to you.
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