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OutOnTrip takes a look at the use of rolling machines. We describe a simple 4 step process to roll the perfect joint using rolling machines.

How to use a Rolling machine


We have all experienced the pleasure and simplicity of a hand rolled joint. It takes practice and skill, and is almost an art form. I have known people who put rolling a joint by hand in their list of “life skills” to have. While the hand rolling culture is strong with smokers around the world, there has been an increasing demand for rolling machines which get the job done much faster and with more efficiency. The result – An evenly rolled, well packed joint for your smoking pleasure! Now, rolling machines are not exactly intuitive to use, so we’ve cooked up this smart 4 step guide on how to use one.


rolling machine with weed


Step 1: Pack in the stuff between the rollers

This one is kind of self-explanatory. Keep the rollers apart as far as they will go and pack in the stuff you’re smoking in the gap. Now bring them rollers together and hold them firmly.


Step 2: Roll towards you

Once your product is packed in, firmly hold the rollers in place and start rolling them towards you to pack in the stuff nice and tightly. How many rolls you ask? That kind of depends on how much product, the size of the joint and of the rolling machine you are using. It also depends on preference of joint density. Many rolls will result in a compact joint, few in a loose one.


packing weed in rolling machine


Step 3: Put in your papers

Once you’re satisfied with the rolls you’ve given the product, place the piece of rolling paper in the slot between the rollers with the gummed end facing you. This might take a little wiggling of the paper, so patience is key. Once you’ve fitted it in, give it a few rolls till the gummed end is just sticking out of the top end.


Step 4: You lick and you put

Now the gummed edge is sticking out, lick it! There is still no high tech way of sealing up a joint – it will probably always be mouth to mouth. After this, give it 5-6 rolls, again towards you, to pack it in nice and tightly. Now bring the rollers apart and extract your perfectly rolled joint. Put it in your mouth and smoke away!


Raw rolling machine with joint


Now that you know how a rolling machine works, go ahead and check out the various machines from these exclusive brands we have on OutOnTrip!