GIZEH King Size 30 leaves BRONZE Rolling Papers
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Sale GIZEH King Size 30 leaves BRONZE Rolling Papers

GIZEH King Size 30 leaves BRONZE Rolling Papers

Brand: GIZEH
Product Code: O-1-GZ-30L
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The Gizeh papers are one of the best for smoking papers due to a good reason. The Gizeh papers are long, and they are of high-quality as evidenced by their very excellent papers whose watermarks makes their quality shine through.The Gizeh Bronze will guarantee that your smoking experience carries on for a long time as this paper burns down at a slow pace. It is a surprise that most people have not used this smoking paper. Those that have managed to use the Gizeh Bronze cannot get enough of this stuff. The process of making the Gizeh Bronze is delicate since it is refined with an adhesive surface from natural rubber Arabicum. The Gizeh Bronze comes with 30 long leaves that will blow your mind off, and before you reach for the last leaf, you will be begging for more. The price of Gizeh Bronze is also very affordable as opposed to many other smoking papers. The innovativeness does not stop there but also the design of these papers is gorgeous, and if you are planning to head out for a party, these should be your number one choice. The Gizeh Bronze paper showcases just how classy smoking can get. It does not get any more magical than this.

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