DLX 84mm 50 leaves Ultra Fine Rolling Papers
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Sale DLX 84mm 50 leaves Ultra Fine Rolling Papers

DLX 84mm 50 leaves Ultra Fine Rolling Papers

Brand: DLX
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To enjoy your smoking experience you need to use the very best rolling papers that are smooth to burn and also burn evenly at a steady pace. While quality smoking papers are hard to come by, most people have resulted in using low-quality papers and have paid a price for not taking measures to not only use good rolling papers but the very best. Other rolling paper brands can sell these papers that disappoint you while trying to roll tobacco. DLX knows that the only way to enjoy your smoke is to use high-quality paper. DLX Ultra Fine 1 Smoking Papers are a fancy but very crucial, and necessary paper made with premium ingredients. The DLX Ultra Fine is made by a blend of Rice, Flax and Hemp resulting to a high-quality ultra thin paper to ensure it has the strength to hold modern tobaccos that compared to older tobacco tend to be slightly denser. A clever and unique criss-crossed watermark design of lines also provides you with a slow desired burn that matches your tobacco burn rate while preventing runs. DLX have also provided a unique packaging where there is a handy magnetic closing device ensuring that your high-quality rolling papers remain in an exceptional condition. Each pack contains 50 at a very affordable price.

Size 84mm

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