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Smoked by Sadhus and Rastafarians, and popularized by hippies, the origin of the Chillum is debated. Long pipes cool the smoke while short ones give a hot hit.

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We’re bringing back desi in style here at OutOnTrip through our exclusive range of clay pipes for your smoking pleasure. Chillums have been the traditional way to partake the herb we all love and enjoy and even today, Chillums are the way to go.


Clay Chillums


Chillums are said to have originated in India around the 18th century. This claim is hotly debated though, due to findings of smoking pipes similar to the Indian Chillum in parts of Africa dated from the same period. These were made out of cow and bull horns and must have been quite an experience. The smoking pipe has also been found in South America. Whatever the origins though, this simple pipe was popularized in the West by the hippie culture in the 60s and 70s. The hippies were introduced to the use of Chillums in day-to-day life by Indian Sadhus who believe smoking is a way of getting closer to the Gods, specifically Shiva.


Sadhu smoking a Chillum


While we’re on the subject of Gods, it is a widely held belief that Lord Shiva, the Destroyer of Worlds, used to smoke weed and drink bhaang. It is in his honour that sadhus or various Shiva devotees smoke the product to this day – a way to get closer to the divine. The modern Rastafari movement believes in the spiritual use of Marijuana as well, and they too believe it brings them closer to God. Whatever the case may be, the preferred vessel for this divine journey has always been, and will continue to be the Chillum. Chillums are designed to give you a quick, strong hit of the herb, perfect for smokers who really want to get the experience the product in full form.


Rastafari smoking a modified Chillum


The Chillum is the simplest smoking device out there even though over the years many people have tried to make changes to the design. At OutOnTrip though, we believe in keeping things classic and simple. Here, you will find only the classic Chillum design with a variety of customizations to the outside of the pipe only. Chillums are made of various materials these days such as glass, wood, clay or stone. Each material gives a specific type of experience which is quite subjective to taste, so feel free to try out some varieties to find which one suits you best.

Chillum size is also a very important factor in your smoking experience. Usually, the shorter the chillum the hotter the smoke you inhale. Longer pipes will cool down the smoke before you inhale it, so do take some time to decide what size would be perfect for you. For novice smokers, shorter Chillums are not recommended as they can get too hot to handle and need some practice to smoke properly. A 6-7 inch Chillum should be perfect for the beginner to get a handle on smoking it. For more experienced smokers out there, we would recommend the standard 4.5 inch pipe which will give you a hot hit to remember!


Hippie sharing Chillum with Sadhu


Lastly, and most importantly, remember that a Chillum is meant for sharing. The strong hit you get from this pipe means it is enough for you and a couple of others around you. So go out, get a Chillum and spread the joy.