Affiliate Terms

Outontrip Affiliate Program has following conditions:

1. You must get an approval before you can start receiving commission.

2. Commission percentage may vary from category to category. Following is the commission schedule for different categories:

  • Rolling paper and blunts: 7%
  • Bongs: 5%
  • Chillum: 8%
  • Grinders: 6%
  • Hookah: 3%
  • Accessories: 10%
  • Detox: 5%
  • Combo: 4%

3. It may take upto 10 days for your account to be reviewed for approval.

4. If you select payment through cheque, cheque will be sent to your postal address via speed post.

5. Fastest mode of payment is through bank account transfer.

6. Payment will be done once we verify that order placed with your tracking code has been delivered to the customer.

7. There is no commission for orders placed using the same account.

8. If you have any queries or doubts regarding the program, drop an email at