Rolling Machines

Roll a perfect joint in a fun way. These rolling machines save you a lot of trouble. Don’t you ever wish that there was someone who can roll a joint for you? Well it might not be the same but rolling machines are the next best thing that you can get. These are light weight tools that you can carry anywhere.

We have rolling machines for different sizes of rolling papers. We have 110mm rolling machine for King Size and King size slim rolling paper and we have 79mm rolling machine for smaller rolling papers.

If you want to roll a blunt you should go with Juicy Blunt Roller. If you want to roll a conical joint then you can get elements cone roller machine.

All the rolling machines on outontrip are manufactured by international brand and you don’t have to worry about the quality. We have rolling machines by RAW, Elements, Juicy Jay’s and DLX.

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