A Life in Facts: Steve Jobs

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He was adopted. When one day he asked his home parents whether they got him because his biological parents didnt love him...

He was adopted. When one day he asked his home parents whether they got him because his biological parents didn’t love him, they said, “We specifically picked you”.


He believed in God till he was 13. When one Sunday he asked the church pastor if God knew about the children dying in Africa, and the pastor said yes. He couldn’t believe in a god like this, Jobs said.

The only real fight he ever got in with his dad was about smoking marijuana. He had discovered drugs in Jobs’ car and tried to promise him to quit it, but Jobs promptly refused him.

He took creative writing classes back in junior school. He read Shakespeare and Moby Dick. We all know nothing really came out of those classes.

He threatened his parents into letting him join Reed College in Portland, Oregon. The fees was $3,950 (about $21,400 today), and it was more than their parents could afford. However, he dropped out of it after his first semester.

He took calligraphy classes after dropping out, and this would later make a huge impact on his executive decisions in his time at Apple. He would include more fonts in the Macintosh, released in 1984, as a result of this.

Jobs experimented with many different fruits-and-vegetables diets. Often he would eat nothing else but carrots. He also forced his friends to stop eating many foods, including bagels as well as cereal.

He came up with the name “Apple Computers” as he had recently returned from a job at the All One Farm commune, and had spent most of his days eating apples.

He and his high school girlfriend Chrisann Brennan had a daughter called Lisa, but Jobs never took her seriously and neglected her for most of his life. He later named one of Apple, computers after her.


He had irregular bathing habits up until 1977, when he was 22 years old. When Apple II was launching, Steve Jobs wore a suit for the first time, and finally took a bath after years. He never bathed because he thought his fruits-and-vegetables diet sufficed in keeping him clean.

He has a biological sister, and he found out about her in mid-1980 with the help of a detective he was using to track his biological parents. Her name is Mona Simpson, and she is a novelist. She has even written a book about him called The Regular Guy.