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1.  One of the first lighters was invented by a man called John Wolfgang bereiner, in 1823. This lighter was called...

1.  One of the first lighters was invented by a man called John Wolfgang Döbereiner, in 1823. This lighter was called Döbereiner’s Lamp. Since it was very cumbersome to use, it quickly fell out of production by the end of 19th Century.

2.  Before the Döbereiner’s Lamp, the most common lighters were typically made with modified flintlock pistols with gunpowder in them.

3.  It wasn’t until 1903, when Carl Auer Von Welsback patented Ferrocerium, a mixture of iron and cerium, that the modern lighter as we know it became possible. Cerium’s low ignition temperature made it simpler to create sparks.

4.  The world’s first automatic lighter was launched in 1911, and it was fuelled by methanol or gasoline. It ignited at the push of a button.

5.  Zippo lighters, first launched in 1932, didn’t get off to a flying start – their sales never picked up and the company had no reputation. But during the WW2, their fortunes changed, since these lighters worked in all weather conditions, and the soldiers favoured these lighters over others.

6.  Before 1950, the most commonly used lighter fluid was Naptha. The most commonly used lighter fuel today is Butane, and it is preferred for its reduced odour and increased fire control.

7.  The world’s first disposable lighters, called Round Stick, were released in 1965 by the Swiss company Swedish Match. They were called so because they were made from an oversupply of lipstick containers.


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