How to use a bong in 6 easy steps |

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An easy 6 step guide for beginners on how to smoke using a bong.

A 6 step guide to smoking bongs |

We love bongs here at OutOnTrip. It’s the smoothest, cleanest smoke out there, not to mention it looks awesome when you’re doing it. It is also the most elemental way to smoke which is why you should always have a bong lying around. If you already got one and are a bit confused about how to use it, here’s 6 easy steps to use a bong effectively.


Earth-Air-Fire-Water in a Bong


A bong typically consists of 5 elements – The bowl for your product, the downstem for the air and smoke to flow into the bong, the rounded area at the bottom for the water and the chamber above to inhale the smoke. The fifth? Your lighter of course. Now that we’ve got some technicalities out of the way, let’s get started.


Step 1 – Fill her up!

Fill the bong with clean water till the level is just above the downstem. Don’t use too much water, it doesn’t help your smoke and just adds moisture to it. The temperature of the water is completely up to your preference so experiment to find out what suits you best. Step 1 was darn easy wasn’t it? Well the rest of this is not going to be rocket science either so read on.


Step 2 – Pack in the grass

Pack the product in to the bowl. Now take care to not overstuff the bowl, keep the packing light and airy so that the smoke can flow through the stuff into the downstem easily. Maintaining airflow is the most crucial element of bong smoking. Pack it such that the herb does not slip into the stem, which would ruin the whole experience.


Packing product in bong


Step 3 – Kiss it like you would a lover

Hold the bong firmly by the neck (don’t throttle it, just don’t let it slip). Place your lips inside the opening above the neck and not on the outside. Placing your lips will not get slobber and saliva all over the outside and also creates an airtight seal which will naturally drive the smoke to your mouth when you inhale. Bongs are meant to be shared, so this is not only practical, but also good etiquette to follow.


Lighting a bong


Step 4 – Breathing exercises

When you’re ready, use your other hand to light up the herb and simultaneously start inhaling so that you pull the smoke into the chamber. Don’t start huffing and puffing like the wolf, you should not get winded when doing this. Inhale slowly and steadily and watch as the bowl fills up with smoke. This is the part where it starts to look good too, so keep your eyes peeled.


Superman lights a bong


Step 5 – Tripping yet?

Now this is the crucial bit to get the full bong experience. Remove the bowl from the downstem while inhaling deeply. The fresh air will drive the smoke up through the chamber and into your lungs. Exhale immediately and with style to feel like a badass, then put the bowl back in the downstem and pass it on. Once lit, the product will continue to smoke for a while so you need only light it up again once it goes out.


Tripping on Bongs



Step 6 – Clean up

Once you’re done with your smoke, remember to keep your bong clean for future use. No one wants to smoke up with the lingering feeling of unwashed bongs in their mind, or worse, their mouths. Pick out any remaining dregs or ash from the bowl and downstem, clean the bong thoroughly with water, wipe the outside and store it for the next trip.


Now that you know how to use a bong, why not get a trippy one which will make the experience really interesting? Check out some cool bong designs at OutOnTrip.